Remap HOME and END keys for Mac (KeyRemap4MacBook)

1. Download KeyRemap4Macbook, install and rebook Mac. (https://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/index.html.en)

 Click the above icon and click 'Preferences..'

Go to the 'Misc & Uninstall' tab and click 'Open private.xml' button.

4. Then you will see the 'private.xml' file, and open this file with your favorite text editor (or you can download private.xml file [Click here], and replace it).

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <name>REMAP HOME AND END KEY</name>
    <!-- change right option key (0x3d) to tab key (0x30) -->
      KeyCode::CURSOR_LEFT,   ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L
      KeyCode::CURSOR_RIGHT,   ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L

Copy and paste above code in the file and save, exit.

5. Go to the 'Change Key' tab, and click the 'ReloadXML' button. Then, you will see the new item and select it.

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