The iPhoto Library is locked..

iPhoto 09 (and probably 08 as well) places a "lock" file in the iPhoto Library directory whenever it's running, to prevent another computer from accessing the library while you work with it.

When the iPhoto program abruptly crashes, or you Force Quit the running instance, the lock file remains in the iPhoto Library directory. With a normal termination iPhoto would cleanup that file before it exits, but when the process dies before it had a chance to clean up you get this orphaned lock file lingering. Now whenever you try to restart iPhoto, it sees that lock file and thinks another process is working with the library and has locked it.

To remove the lock try this:

0. make sure iPhoto is not running.
1. Launch the Terminal application from the Applications folder
2. in the Terminal window type:
cd Pictures/iPhoto\ Library
ls -l iPhotoLock.data
3. If you see something like "-rw-rw-rw- 1 skenderov staff 1 Oct 24 13:19 iPhotoLock.data" type:
rm iPhotoLock.data
3. Try starting iPhoto again

This should help

Stoyan Kenderov

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And reboot!

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